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Friday, August 11, 2017

NLCS GAME 5 - "In-Speiered Expos Win 1st Pennant"

Valenzuela vs Rogers
Expos 4, Dodgers 1

With the pennant on the line in this decisive game 5 both teams went back to their game 1 starters.  No drama needed to be built here as game 5 pretty much mirrored game 1 with Rogers being masterful and Valenzuela being pedestrian.  The Expos banged out 16 hits, but only produced 4 runs.  With Rogers in dominant form (CG / 1 ER) those 4 runs looked as large as the Empire State building.  Montreal's tablesetters (Raines & Speier) combined to go 7 for 10.  Chris Speier had a field day going 4-5 with 2 RBI, while batting in the two hole.  Rogers gave up just one run in 18 innings of work during the NLCS to be unanimously voted the series MVP as the Expos win the first pennant in franchise history.
Expos Win Series 3-2

Editor's Note:  Special thanks to Erik Nelson (LAD) for having a great season and reversing history (the Dodgers finished 1 behind ATL in real life).  I personally want to thank Erik for putting up with my constant interruptions (drop off wife...pick up daughter...numerous game crashes).  It was a fun series that featured one dominant pitcher, which is hard to overcome in a short 5 game set.

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