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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Twins drowned by Brewers - Many questions.

Minneapolis.  The Twins after splitting the two game series with Detroit were feeling good and ready to tangle with the Eastern Division Harvey Wallbangers.  But instead, it went very bad!!!

April 30, 1982.  How do you lose a game where you score 9 runs?  The answer, you give up 17 runs and 20 hits.  Yount and Thomas both hit two homers and Simmons added another for the Brewers.  The ball traveled 1866 ft on those 5 homers.  Only Randy Johnson hit one for the Twins.  Erickson (0-5) took the loss, but he only gave up 4 ER and 3 UER in 6 innings.  The relievers put gasoline on the game by giving up 10 ER in 3 innings of work.  Corbett is looking to be traded.

May 1, 1982.  Can the Twins be any worse than the night before?  The answer is yes, by giving up 19 runs and only scoring 6 runs.  Another question, how do you give up 19 runs.  You let Simmons hit three homers and then let Gantner and Cooper to hit one a piece.  Simmons went 4 for 5 with 8 rbi's with a batting average of .397.  Gantner is leading the team at .457.  Vuckovich went 4.2 innings until he was tossed for arguing a pitch.  The relievers:  let's not call them that, they are giving Billy Gardner no relief.  Another 10 runs in 3 innings.  Hmmm... that's a 30 ERA for the relievers in two games.  With 24 games into the season, the Twins have pretty much pitched themselves out of contention.

May 2, 982. The end of April and the beginning of May were brutal for the Twins faithful.  Another loss and the Twins are not merely expired but are actually stinking - and we did not think Twinkies could do that.  Al Williams actually made the Twins look good until he just ran out of gas in the 8th inning.  Jim Gantner tripled scoring two runs off of Davis. Ron's ERA is ballooned to 10.57.  Williams is leading the Twins with a 2.27 ERA and a 3-2 record.  The only good thing about today is that the Brewers leave town and the new dome didn't deflate with all those Brewer Homeruns.  At least the Twins only gave up 4 runs this time, but only managed 2 runs.  Something must be unhinging the Brewers, because for the second day in a row their starting pitcher was ejected for arguing calls.  The Twins are going to Bean Town next, hopefully they can take one from the Senior Circuit.

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