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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Athletics keep rolling, take 2 from  Struggling Twins

The Athletics are now 10-5 after taking the book end games and are within striking distance of the World Champion Angels.

April 19: Oakland
2-0 Havens versus 2-1 Langford proved to be a relatively good matchup until the As scored 2 in the 5th to clinch the game.  The Twins took the lead on a single by Hatcher that scored Eisenreich.  The inning ended when Hrbek flied deep to center and Hatcher was thrown out at third. In the 2nd, Armas launched a solo homer to knot up the game.  Newman singled scoring Lopes to take the lead.  Hrbek tied the game in the 4th with his 3rd homer of the season.  Murphy racked up 2 rbi's in the 5th that sank the Twins.  Twins 2, As 4.

April 20: Oakland
The Twins tired of losing took it out on Mike "Chuck" Norris by karate chopping him with 5 runs in the first two innings.  In the first, the Twins sent 7 batters to the plate scoring 2 runs on 2 hits. To keep the pressure on Norris, the Twins sent 8 batters to the plate and scored 3 runs on 5 hits.  Those  5 hits were consecutive started by Bomber Butera, the Faedo, a double by Eisenreich and then singles by Mitchell and Hatcher.  After the damage was done, the Twins were up 5-0.  In the 6th, Henderson singled and stole 2nd base and moved to third on an error.  Henderson eventually scored on a wild pitch.  Twins 6, As 3.

April 21: Oakland
Oakland expired the Twinkies by scoring 5 runs in the first 6 innings.  The game was not even close with the Twins scoring their only run on a single by Jesus Vega.  Joe Rudi and Jeff Newman hit homers to put this game away.  Both Joe and Jeff went 2 for 3 in the game.  Oakland might be calling these the "Bash Brothers".  Well maybe Jeff and the Old guy might be better.  Underwood pitch his first game and won it for the upstart As.  Twins 1, As 5.

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